Saturday, June 4, 2016

Jamaican Plug Group Social Site: Tonahope Pix

Jamaican Plug Group Social Site: Tonahope Pix: Tonahope, a Jamaican Plug Group Member. Follow us and get your pix and videos to go viral.

Dorrett Saffold "Never Walk Alone"

Mikie Mike "Don't Like Dat"

MightyMike Ricketts --Come Fi You


I would like to take the time to introduce  myself.  My name is Donovan  Farquharson  artist name  Hiyah Remz. I would like to know  if there  are  any  upcoming  shows or events  that I can be apart of. I have a year to year event  that I do August in Montreal , Canada  . I currently have  my studio in Bushy Park Old Harbour, Kingston, Jamaica West Indies. One of my new releases  BAT WHEY,  has made the MELLOW FM #1Chart in  Jamaica.  I have recorded with two vintage  artists Mr. John Mouse and Beenie Don.  I also did a cross over, "Joy Of My Life" with a 16 yr old from Canada   and one with John Mouse. ,,,,,,,,,,,, If given  the opportunity  I will  deliver a great show . You can check me out on: Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and My contact  information  is18764362997 or you can  email  me  at .
Looking forward to hear from you.
Thank you  --Hiyah Rems.

Dorrett Saffold -- Never Walk Alone